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Welcome to Aspenweaver

Hello, my name is Dennis and I am the webmaster of this site. Like all great works of art, this site is a "Work in Progress" and I will update and add to it as I go on more adventures and as time allows.

This site is a collection of my hobbies, travels, projects and other eclectic endeavors. 

So, why the name Aspenweaver? Living in Colorado, I am naturally biased towards the Aspen Tree (Populus tremuloides). The beauty of Quaking Aspen trees in the fall is a tough one to beat. Secondly, I've been designing web pages for several years and started in the early days using notepad and hand coding all of the HTML tags. From there I moved on to Netscape Composer, then Frontpage and now I use Dreamweaver. I took a Dreamweaver programming class at a local Community College and absolutely love the program. Ergo, Aspenweaver.

So sit back, settle in and relax.


Geocaching is a combination of 2 words- GEO of geography and CACHING for the process of hiding caches. I hide homemade geocaches thruout Colorado and other states that I travel in and give the coordinates of their locations. If you have a GPS, a 4-wheel drive, and a sense of adventure, go try to find a geocache.

Lava Pit

A collection of projects, good ideas, bad ideas and whatever I couldn't pidgeon-hole anywhere else.


A collection of miscellaneous sites and resources.


I've always wanted to add a holiday wreath to the grill of my truck, so I decided to build one. Here are a few pics of how I built it.


An online photo essay and journal of my journeys and adventures. One of my favorite past times is exploring and 4-wheeling the backroads of Colorado and Utah. I am not a hardcore 4-wheeler by any means, but I do like the path less travelled.

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