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One of my favorite past times is 4-wheeling. Living in Colorado, I try to get out most weekends during the summer months. I also hike and mountain bike, but 4-wheeling is my preferred mode of adventure. The following are some of my travels here and abroad in no particular order.
Georgetown Loop and Lebanon Tunnel Located 45 miles west of Denver on I-70 is the Georgetown Loop. An engineering marvel originally built in 1884, the railroad runs between Silver Plume and Georgetown. An optional tour along the route is a visit to the Lebanon Silver Mine.
Moab, UT 2003   I went to Moab for the first time in 1989 and have been going back every year since. The beauty of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks is a site to behold. The hike to Delicate Arch is one I've made many times and still enjoy the view as much as the first time.
Pawnee Buttes, CO  Situated in the Pawnee National Grasslands, the buttes stand out above the plains like 2 solitary sentries. Located in the northeast part of the state, just 15 miles south of the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska borders, the buttes are eroded columns of sandstone and stand 300 feet tall above the windswept plains and arroyos. I first went to the buttes circa 1970 and have been back countless dozens of times since.
Teller Lake, CO Teller Lake is a nice hike. It is a short hike being only 3/4 mile or so and takes approximately 30 minutes. There is no trail to the lake and navigation is strictly by compass.
Washoe Gulch snowshoe trip, Jan 2007 This was a nice snowshoe trip up the Cumberland jeep trail and on into Washoe Gulch to a small frozen tarn. This area is near St. Mary's Glacier, north of Idaho Springs, CO.
Windmill Loop, CO  Within Pawnee National Grasslands are dozens of lesser roads called "Grassland Roads". The roads criss-cross Pawnee National Grasslands and are accessible by car, though I wouldn't bring the family Lexus on these roads. Some of the roads are rutted, especially after a heavy rain, but a smaller car with a short wheelbase would have no problem driving about. Bring lots of water and sunscreen, as shade is non-existent. And watch out for rattlesnakes! This is a favorite Grassland route of mine I call the "Windmill Loop".

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